WinProfiles is the best Employee PC monitoring software, the perfect solution for monitoring and limiting employee PC

The best Employee PC Monitoring Software

If you are an employer, you surely want that your employees perform their tasks at their best during work hours.

An employee who spends time on social medias or randomly browsing on the web during working hours harms your business.

At the same time, an employer who wants employees happy at work, must provide tools and diversions in order to have some pleasant breaks during the working time: nowadays personal use of the web is considered as enjoyable time.

WinProfiles is the perfect solution for the employers of any kind of business.

employee monitoring software

With WinProfile, the Personal Computer provided to the employee can be limited in various way: social medias and entertainment websites as well as some computer applications that are not related to the employee's work, such as games, can be blocked.

At the same time, Time Slot function of WinProfiles allows to set time intervals when the employee's Personal Computer has unrestricted functionalities.

Therefore properly setting a Slot Time during lunch break, the employee will be able to happily browse on social medias or any entertainment website while he/she is having a meal.

WinProfiles allows the employer also to see the employee's internet browser activities by accessing to the WinProfiles Websites Log; thus, even in case the employer doesn't want to impose internet browsing limitations to own employees, he/she can monitor their activities by checking their WinProfiles Websites Logs.

If the employee deletes the internet browser history, WinProfiles Websites Log will not be affected.

Please note that using the WinProfiles feature Websites Log might violate your local law about personal privacy, kindly make sure that this is not the case before enabling that feature.

Remote Work and Smart Work are always more common nowsadasy. Employees working remotely are easily distracted by the inmensity of the web. When employer provide a business PC to remote employees, either as Smart Work or not, in order to help them to focus on their task during work hours, could use WinProfiles to limit the internet browser, by creating either a Black-list or a White-list of websites, and to limit the PC functionalities by enabling only those job related applications.