WinProfiles is the best Parental Control software, You Can Keep All Your Kids Online Activity, Web Content Filtering. Website Blocker.

The best Parental Control Software

Being parents nowsdays brings a further more responsibility that didn't exist before: to protect our children from the web.

Besides pedophiles and child pornography hunters, which are abominevolous practises pursued by law, as parent you surely wish to keep away your children from the adult material websites.

If you are a modern and careful parent, you want also limit the time your kids spend on the PC.

kids parental control

If your kids are students, probably you want them focused on their work when it comes the homeworks time.

WinProfiles can help you out with your parental duties in an easy and efficient way.

With WinProfiles you can create a White-list websites with websites suitable for children, and all the other websites will be not accessable.

With WinProfiles you can create Time Slots, so your kids cannot access to the PC outside those time intervals you set.

With WinProfiles you can create PC limitations that allow your kids to use only those applications related to their study.