WinProfiles is the best public computer management software, the perfect solution for monitoring and limiting public PC

The best Public Computer Management Software

Any activity that provides Personal Computers to the public must limit the functionalities of each computer in order to prevent users from making improper use of the service offered and to protect the sensitive data of other users: that is exactly what WinProfiles does.

With WinProfiles you can set limites to computer functionalities to provide an exellent service to your computer users, always guaranteeing their privacy and their data security.

People visiting a Tourist Information Center or a City Hall facility may need to use a computer for a short time, perhaps to print a document or to check their personal email address.

public computer software

Organizations that have such public computers cannot let users to stay logged in for long time because many other users might need urgent access to those PC; with WinProfile, the IT administrator may set short time slots for each user, in order to let the PC available soon to the next user, and also may set up a certain Black-list for websites, programs, and processes, in order to protect as much as possible both the integrity of the PC the privacy of each user.

In a school, students should use computers to study, research and read, and not browse social media, YouTube, or any other entertainment site.

Therefore, a school attentive to the quality of teaching will use WinProfiles, with a well-set White-list or Black-list, in order let students to make the most out of the teaching hours.